The engineers here are experienced as musicians, engineers and mastering engineers so they bring to a project a deep understanding of all the various exciting, intriguing and soul searching aspects of making a recording! We believe that interpreting the finest, smallest detail of what is to be achieved into reality, is integral to the success of our work.


Diana Gorovaya

Mastering engineer

Diana is a graduate from the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music in Audio Engineering. During her studies there she was the winner of the prestigious AES Recording Competition in London. Diana worked independently as a recording engineer and in TV sound before becoming passionate about mastering. She has had mastering, recording and mixing experience at Saturday Mastering (Moscow), Bayerischer Rundfunk (Munich), Abbey Road Studios (London), AIR Studios (London) and Strongroom Studios (London). She has and continues to master for both national Russian artists and clients as well as increasing her international clientele with Universal and Sony amongst the majors plus various Independent labels and projects from abroad.
Diana also is in increasing demand as a lecturer as she continues to broaden and enrich her knowledge and experience.

Maxim Samosvat

Mastering engineer

Maxim has a masters degree in sound production from GITR Film and Television School. Started working as recording and mixing engineer in 2003. Has worked in Dreamport Studio (Moscow, RU), Sonicpump Studios (Helsinki, FIN), Blackbird Studios (Nashville, TN), Hyde Street Studios (San Francisco, CA), Studio Trilogy (San Francisco, CA), Meat Factory Studio (Moscow, RU). Became passionate about mastering since the first attended mastering session as a mix engineer and co-producer. After mastering course with renowned British mastering engineer Mazen Murad (Metropolis Studios, London) in 2005 continued to study and practice mastering skills. In 2015 joined Saturday Mastering as a mastering engineer.