We are flexible

We like to be as flexible as possible. With that in mind, as an alternative to clients attending their mastering session in our facility here in Moscow, we’re pleased to offer an online mastering service. We master for CD, iTunes and high resolution/definition formats up to 192 kHz. Part of our mastering process involves restoring audio, fixing clicks, pops and noises etc. to provide an added level of quality control.

We’d normally seek to deliver your masters within three to five days. If your project is particularly large or complicated, we would discuss all this with you before starting the work and give you an accurate estimate of when you could expect delivery. If you send us your entire project (Album, EP, Tracks etc.) we'd listen and evaluate what we feel needs to be done and then send you one or two mastered excerpts, illustrating our approach for your approval.

An Express Mastering service is available within a twenty-four hour period but please do check with us beforehand to talk about availability and fees.

We would ask for a 50% payment before any mastering takes place and then upon receiving the balance, we would send you the complete master(s). An excerpt is sent to you for approval before the remaining 50% balance is paid for the complete file.

All our prices here are calculated, for ease, in US Dollars. Other currencies could be accepted but please let’s talk about the best options for you.

We will provide invoices and any other documentation you may require in Russian or English, please just let us know.

We always listen.


€80 per track

It's the final stage before an album or single is released to the public. some finishing touches to reveal your music in the best way. We work closely with each artist to achieve the specific sound they are looking for.

Each mastering version

€10 per version

Backing tracks, instrumentals and mix variations (for example, louder or quieter vocals) providing that these different versions are mastered at the same time as the main mix.

Stem mastering

from €100

This can be a little tricky to define as each project, by its very nature, would be different. We’d listen to the stems that you’ve supplied to us and discuss your desired outcome. We could then give you a far more accurate costing and time frame.

Master Disk creation

€40 per disk

This master disk contains all the relevant information to manufacture your material for distribution to your audience. The master disk can be supplied in either, or both of, these formats, as an Audio CD or as a DDP (Disk Description Protocol) image. We also supply a HOFA DDP Player which enables you to play your mastered album, EP or tracks, extract individual .wav files and burn CDs. Fantastic!

Apple Digital Masters
(Mastering for iTunes — MFiT)

€15 per track
that we are in the process
of mastering for you

iTunes recommends a particular mastering process for their high quality AAC encoded files. A little technical explanation. For us to master a track and supply an approved MFiT file we need the following guidelines to be adhered to: Please supply 24bit Files The sampling rates acceptable are 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz. Please don’t provide files that have been downsampled and dithered for a CD. This degrades the file’s audio quality.

Mastered for iTunes has officially been rebranded as Apple Digital Masters. Now every audio advantage of these high-resolution masters is available across iTunes and Apple Music — for both streaming and downloads. And with an updated Apple Digital Masters badge, there’s a new way to let listeners know.

Starting August 7 2019, the new branding will be featured on iTunes and Apple Music, and all Mastered for iTunes content will be badged as Apple Digital Masters.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs